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Waylan Johnson / President
Mr. Johnson is the President and Founder of Texas Energy Group, LLC.  With over 22 years of experience in the petroleum industry, Mr. Johnson has been extensively associated with several significant privately held oil and gas companies and has been instrumental in developing business plans, exploration programs and negotiating numerous contracts within the complex day to day business of the energy industry.  Mr. Johnson's career has also involved conducting extensive business with publicly held energy companies and large, privately held independents.

In 2000, Mr. Johnson co-founded Border to Border Exploration (BBX).  BBX became the third company to take oil and gas leases in what has now become the Bakken Shale (the third largest oil field discovery in the United States in recent years).  BBX was able to take a $1.5 million investment and develop it into a gross value of approximately $55 million.  Mr. Johnson later sold out of his general partnership with BBX but still continues to hold interest in the limited partnership. Over the next several years, Mr. Johnson founded several successful privately held companies, all based out of Austin Texas.  One of these Companies is Spicewood Operating Company, LLC, a registered, bonded oil and gas operator with the Texas Railroad Commission (Operator #809730).

Mr. Johnson is active in the investment field and continues to manage his own business and personal relationships with many public and private oil and gas companies.

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